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The Essay topic for my research paper is on the International Court of Justice. Specifically on its founding and how it has shaped the world since 1945. The topics should center around the model and ideal goals of the nations supporting the World Court and major events that increased the peace and longevity of the earth. Listed below are the essay guidelines and grading criteria, so the paper must definitely follow everything listed! Also, I have attached the draft outline and working bibliography of the paper for you to follow and add to. Each student will complete a double-spaced 12-15 page research paper (excluding title and reference pages) on a topic of his or her choice that relates in some way to the materials covered in the seminar. The paper is worth 20 percent of each student's final grade for the course. The formatting requirements for the paper are as follows: 1) Use 12-point Times New Roman font. 2) Set a one-inch top, bottom, left and right margins. 3) Include a separate title page. 4) Please adhere to the guidelines of the Chicago Manual of Style. The grading criteria for the paper are as follows: Content 1) Extent to which at least one concept or theory addressed in the seminar is incorporated into the paper. 2) Extent to which that concept or theory is applied effectively to past or present events and the author's analytical points are supported by clear and detailed practical examples. 3) Organizational clarity of the paper. 4) Range and quality of evidentiary sources consulted. Presentation 1) Quality of the prose. 2) Extent to which style guidelines are followed accurately and consistently.
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