Presentation On Any Aspect Of My Labor Paper SYP3456
Its is a presentation. I need the power points, and what i need to say in the presentation ( scripts) it is only 1-2 slides... My country is thailand, i dontknow if you remember, one time you did a paper about some problems in thailand information of the professor Presentation Instructions The purpose of this presentation is to give you a chance to share some of your findings about your research country with your classmates. This way we can all learn a little bit more about development processes in countries in different regions of the globe. These presentations are informal in nature, but we also have to be conscious of time. Therefore, I ask that you limit your presentation to four minutes. This will mean that you'll probably want to time it in advance or run a timer during your presentation. At four minutes, I will ask you to wrap up. Because the presentations are short, I'll ask you to focus on presenting only one dimension of your research paper. (See the Google Doc for further instructions) Visuals are highly encouraged! Please consider making a slide or two to illustrate your main points or include images from the material that your reviewed. I'll give you feedback on your presentation according to the rubric below. I won't aside you a number grade. However, I'll take your presentation into account when considering your overall participation grade which is inclusive of attendance, participation in class discussion, and preparation for class discussion (as is evident in quality of response posts). (its says that the presentation can be on any aspect of my Labor Paper) see other assignment that i am sending you
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