POWER POINT PRESENTATION This assignment will assess the following compe
POWER POINT PRESENTATION This assignment will assess the following competency 2. Evaluate how federal law, statutory law, policy institutes and other stakeholders impact health policy formulation. Directions Create a video presentation using PowerPoint 2010 (or later) that describes the legislative, executive and judicial powers that impact health policy formulation, and evaluate in your presentation how they relate to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and health policy. How did these players affect policy formulation, implementation, and modification so far? How will they impact termination should that ever be decided in the future? Here are instructions on how to turn your PPT into a video. Watch this video on how to use a screencasting software to make your video. You can use whichever software program you would like to record your presentation, but you must provide your audience with slides to watch and audio to listen to. I can ad the audio but will need the notes and text in the bottom of the power point notes section. Please use 2 scholarly cited sources and no plagarism... be creative and colorful please. Minimum 12 slides
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