Please answer each of the questions below in short-answer format. Write your responses in complete sentences. Your answers to each question should include 2 - 3 paragraphs minimum and a minimum of 150 - 250 words. Be sure to carefully read each question to ensure that each component is answered with the appropriate depth and detail. Your answers should be free of spelling and grammar errors. When using reference material, you must properly cite your sources using in-text citations. You must also include a reference list. All documentation must be rendered in APA citation style (see announcements for details on APA). This includes citing your textbook or course lesson modules. Review the Short-Answer Grading Rubric and the Short-Answer Assignment Sample as you prepare to complete this assignment. Please include the question along with your response in the textbox. This is to ensure that you have addressed each question. Question 1 of 1 Identify presidential terms and list the qualifications. Analyze the current qualifications for President. Take a position and either defend the existing qualifications or defend added qualifications you think should be included in modern America. Explain why the Framers create the Electoral College? What were the historical arguments behind their decision? Do you believe the Electoral College is a good way of ensuring each vote is represented equally, why or why not (be specifics and provide an example to support your opinion)? Identify the presidential powers in Article II Section 2 of the Constitution. Then, citing one news article (not Wikipedia), provide a recent example of how a president's power has been checked by the judicial or legislative branches of government. Compare and contrast the judicial philosophies used by justices when interpreting the Constitution. Which do you believe is most effective in today's society? Defend your position using specific details and examples. Explain how the federal courts were established. Describe the roles and importance of the federal courts, be sure to provide examples.
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