POS 2112 Assignment 11-12
https://youtu.be/P-lBlZ3hqKc https://youtu.be/cxrsUWlFVwU Chpt. 11-12Instructions 1. Discuss the communitarian view of citizen participation. Give some examples of how some citizens can become involved. Have you ever volunteered for anything in the community? Discuss. 2. What is meant by old-style machine politics? Discuss the Daleys of Chicago. 3. Discuss the powers that mayors have in city politics. 4. Video: Watch the video and discuss Benjamin Barber's central point about cities and the world. Do you agree with him that mayors should rule the world? Chapter 12: 1. What is a metropolitan area? 2. Compare and contrast the city and suburb in terms of race, social class and party politics. 3. Why is there a concentration of social problems in the inner city? What are they? 4. What are the causes of suburban sprawl and how is it measured? Answer each question with between 100 and 150 words. Type answers in a separate Word document and upload the file to the dropbox.
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