https://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2014/01/14/should-drug-enforcement-be-left-to-the-states Enforcement of drug laws is one of the many areas that both the federal government and state governments share. However, for over a decade, states have been legalizing either medicinal marijuana, or recreational marijuana, or both. With states moving towards increased legalization, but the federal government either unwilling or unable to change its own laws around drugs, some have argued that the federal government should leave overall enforcement to the states. Others have argued that the federal government needs to set a single standard for drug enforcement that all citizens should respect. Which do you agree with? Students must read the six articles in the above link from the NY Times and vote on whether or not they agree, disagree, or are undecided. At the same time, students must vote on whether they agreed, disagreed, or were undecided on the debate question.
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