POLITICAL SCIENCE 301 :Intro To Government :U.S, Write A Term Paper 1000 Word
term paper: 1000 word. SHORT ESSAY RUBRIC Theme, thesis or central idea In first paragraph(20 point) No Marks(0 point) Grammar: Such as typos, spelling mistakes, choice of wording in wrong usage, etc. Full Marks(20 point) No Marks(0 point) Citation: No need to cite because the only source for this writing is to be based on the textbook and no outside sources are allowed Full Marks(40 point) No Marks (0 point) Support : Concrete examples to support your opinion (thesis) Full Marks(40 point) No Marks(0 point) Length: In word count of 1000 to the minimum Full Marks (40 point) No Marks(0 point) Conclusion: Based on your theme and argument Full Marks(40 point) No Marks(0 point)
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