Political Parties
For this weeks assessment, we are discussing political parties. Political Parties in the United States include 2 major parties (Democrats, and Republicans). However, within the 2 parties are separate caucuses, which often separate ideology contrary to the establishment caucus of both the democrats and republicans. AMERICA NOW HAS 6 POLITICAL PARTIES robertreich.org After reading above article, how many political parties are there in the United States? Explain briefly, what other parties there are aside from the establishment Republicans and Democrats; briefly explaining the components of these parties caucuses of both the Republican and Democratic party. Would you agree that Donald Trump is his own political party? Explain why or why not, giving supportive reasoning within your answer. How have progressives challenged the establishment in the past (i.e. Teddy Roosevelt Bernie Sanders). Do you believe this leads to a change in political parties? Explain your answer. Requirements: 3.5 pages
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