PEW Results Response 1
Please respond to the following using one scholarly source... I am a Disaffected Democrat according to the Pew Research Center Political Typology Quiz. (Pew Research Center, 2017). I believe that the results represent my political views. I did answer the questions honestly and I feel that the results reflect much of what I was expecting. I do believe it is a difficult subject to discuss due to the sensitive nature of the topics. It is a majority-minority group that majority of the members believe that the economic system is unfair to the public in favor of the major powerful parties and businesses and that they tend to make more profits than are necessary. This group identifies as democratic or leans to the democratic party. The belief of this majority favors the health and wealth being spread to the below means majority. The foundation of this group is built on focus for those who are eager to gain fair distribution of the American Dream. However, the beliefs of an individual are a bit more complicated than one word can describe, (Chamberlain, 2020). By this, there is an equal belief that the achievement of goals is strictly on a who you know rather a what you know basis and standard and those who are black and not white did not have the majority benefit of their race dominating financially in the country that decided their fate. The government is meant to serve the people and since the government made the law in which we have to abide I support those who are in need that need help from the government. I feel like this course has broadened my understanding of how politics alter our lives and have a better understanding of just how much influence the American people have on the daily lives of others. Reference: Chamberlain College of Nursing. (2020). Week 8: Wrapping up [Online Lesson]. Pew Research Center. (2017). Political typology reveals deep fissures on the right and left. (ciara)
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