News Stories Related To Politics, Government, And Public Policy
For this week, I want you to investigate 3 different media outlets (please go for national outlets, rather than local outlets). You will select story covering a topic in politics, and will check each of the three different news media outlets and determine the following factors: How is the story framed within all three news sources Was there a bias from any of the sources? Did any news sources make you think differently about the story Explain your answer It doesn't matter if you visit there website, or Facebook page, just choose a news story and try to find a news story covering the same issue from 3 other news outlets of your choice. All news stories must be related to news, politics, government, and public policy (no exceptions). Lastly for your conclusion, I want you to discuss certain components of the news stories you explored by considering the following factors. Did you feel that there were stories that contributed to, or will contribute to agenda setting? Explain why or why not. Was the news story framed to benefit a certain public official (i.e. President, Speaker of the House)? Explain your answer. If you noticed any stories that were framed and eventually considered primed stories, what other details of the news story in your observation did you feel were ignored{only give brief mention, if any mention at all)? Explain your findings. Requirements: 2.5 pages
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