MUST BE ORGINAL AND PASS TURNITIN Department of Nursing -School of Health
MUST BE ORGINAL AND PASS TURNITIN Department of Nursing -School of Health and Natural Sciences NURS 500 Philosophy of Science / Nursing Theory 3-5 PAGES Personal Nursing Philosophy Purpose(s): 1. To develop a Personal Nursing Philosophy 2. Personally define what nursing is, by addressing the elements of a human being, health, environment and professional nursing. 3. Consider nursing from the prospective of a philosophers' concern with knowledge and the essential elements of nursing as a scientific discipline also concerned with ethics and aesthetics. 4. To strengthen graduate level writing skills. (Graduate level writing displays critical thinking skills. The writer demonstrates the ability to see various sides of an argument: he/she questions assumptions, avoids commonplaces and develops a clear argument from professional experience and/or the available literature on the subject.) Assignment: Write a reflective paper on your vision of professional nursing from your present perspective in time. You may consider the meta-paradigm concepts of nursing, human being, health, environment and nursing. Part I Do not consider a specific nursing theory at this time. What do see as essential characteristics of your present nursing praxis. You may or may not choose to compare your present view with that of your view as a new graduate. APA format required. Maximum 5 pages BOOK Nursing Theories andNUrsing Practice 4th edition by Marline C Smith & Marilyn E PArker
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