Managing Without Fear Or Favor - Craig M. Wheeland And Larry M. Comunale (PDF Attached)
Discussion Questions 1. Did Harlow err in making a unilateral management decision to end the œsnow list based on tenet 1, tenet 3, and tenet 10 of the ICMA Code of Ethics, instead of asking the commissioners to discuss and vote formally on an ordinance establishing a new policy? 2. Should Harlow meet privately with Chairman Wagner to discuss recent events? Did Harlow err in not confronting Wagner about taking salt to use on his sidewalk? 3. Are there citizens or officials in the township whom Harlow should consult? Who else should Harlow consult? 4. Would Harlow violate the ICMA Code of Ethics if she endorsed the creation of a home-rule study commission? 5. What consequences might arise if Harlow agrees to hire Chief Cleary's son? How could the management audit provide a way for Harlow to manage that request? 6. The commissioners apparently promised to hire Cleary's son before they decided to pass an ordinance to hire a professional manager. Is it ethical to renege on that promise? 7. Should Harlow mention Cleary's request during the interview with Sally Mans- field? What should Harlow say during the interview about rumors and reform in Fargo? 8. Does Harlow need a home-rule charter with a code of ethics to transform the expectations and practices in Fargo government? 9. Under the circumstances, would Harlow violate tenet 4 of the ICMA Code of Ethics if she resigns?
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