In this assignment the student has the opportunity to explore Smart Phone H
In this assignment the student has the opportunity to explore Smart Phone Health Care Apps. The student will select a disease or health issue that a client or patient with a chronic illness need assistance in managing (Client may be real or fiction). (Diabetes, Hypertension, Kidney disease, Fluid intake management, Medication Management, Weight Loss Management) A 3-5 page paper is expected in APA format with references. Pictures may be inserted in to the paper as appendixes following APA standards. Grading Rubric Informatics Leadership Interview Paper Possible Points Introduction: Introduce the client to the reader. Discuss the health care issue and compliance management issue. What is their story? How have they struggled with the disease. Proposed Solution Discuss the problem and how a Smart Phone App can help to manage the health issue. Describe the App and its application to managing the disease. An in depth analysis of the Apps functionality and potential are to be explored. Education and Implementation: How would you educate, train, and implement the App with the client. How would convince the client this is a tool for disease management. This will include training, timeframes and evaluation of the use of the App. Conclusion Summarize your process and draw some conclusion about the App and the management of the client's chronic illness. What is your learnings and insight from researching this topic. Paper Presentation / Style APA Format, writing style, logical presentation of idea, grammar, sentence structure.
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