Issue Analysis Paper Assignment Instructions As you look ahead to the final briefing paper, you will engage in a number of practical exercises this term to aid in your preparation of the paper. This week you will engage in the analysis of a past international crisis that has been resolved and we have the benefit of hindsight and information. As you conduct your analysis of the issue you select, please consider major groups involved in the crisis, present laws and/or policies that emanated from this event, the benefits or challenges of involvement by international organizations, and how a biblical worldview can be applied to understanding the outcome of the issue. The analytical process used for this assignment should be good preparation for your final briefing paper. Instructions For this assignment, you will choose an issue from the options provided, related to the intersection of international law, policy, politics, and diplomacy. You may choose from the following options: · Korean War (1950-1953) · Cuban missile crisis · Vietnam War · Iran hostage crisis (1979-1981) · Gulf War (1991) Once you have chosen an issue, you must identify a major international crisis related to that issue, provide factual background, collect data describing the process used to resolve the crisis, explain whether the plan used was the best course of action, and explain the outcome. You will need to analyze the chosen crisis/event from the perspective of US foreign policy. You are required to compare the effectiveness of the plan considering all the international issues, identify the specific strengths and weaknesses of the approach, and note how diplomacy was used to address the crisis. You must also include a review of alternate plans that may have been effective in resolving the issue. Items to include are outlined as follows: · Length of assignment: 6-8 pages · Format of assignment: Current Turabian Format · Number of citations: 3-5 · Acceptable sources: scholarly articles, empirical journals, and assigned readings published within the last 20 years.
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