I NEED A POSITIVE COMMENT BASED IN THIS ARGUMENT..BETWEEN 100-120 WORDS When determining the appropriate variables to utilize for evidence based research practices, the researcher must take into account the aim of the study or what the study was seeking to define or hypothesize, the participants within the study, etc. (N.A., 2018). In the end, the study must ensure that it has reached the necessary variables that will allow it to propose the most optimal values and preferences for effective implementation from research to practice within the healthcare organization The way you design your evaluation research will have a lot to do with how accurate and reliable your results are, and how well you can use them to improve your program or intervention. The design should be one that best addresses key threats to internal validity (whether the intervention caused the change) and external validity (the ability to generalize your results to other situations, communities, and populations) (Fawcett, 2017). ¢Independent variables are the program itself and/or the methods or conditions that the researcher -in this case, you -wants to evaluate (Fawcett, 2017) They're called variables because they can change -you might have chosen (and might still choose) other methods. They're independent because their existence doesn't depend on whether something else occurs: you've chosen them, and they'll stay consistent throughout the evaluation period. For my project, the independent variable would be the readmission rates of heart failure patients with in thirty days of discharge. ¢Dependent variables are whatever may or may not change as a result of the presence of the independent variable(s) (Fawcett,2017). In an evaluation, your program or intervention is the independent variable. (If you're evaluating a number of different methods or conditions, each of them is an independent variable.) Whatever you're trying to change is the dependent variable. (If you're aiming at change in more than one behavior or outcome, each type of change is a different dependent variable.) They're called dependent variables because changes in them depend on the action of the independent variable...or something else. The dependent variables for my project would be increased discharge teaching, and follow up care for four weeks post discharge. Reference: N.A. (2018). Professional Capstone and Practicum. Brain Mass. Retrieved from: https://brainmass.com/health-sciences/evaluation-measurement-and-research-methods/professional-capstone-practicum-627869 Fawcett, S. (2017). Selecting an Appropriate Design for the Evaluation. Community Tool Box. Retrieved from: http://ctb.ku.edu/en/table-of-contents/evaluate/evaluate-community-interventions/experimental-design/main
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