From this webs From this website, Please select Maternal, Infant, and Child Health, and research for Colorado, and complete the following. Health Disparities For this discussion: ¢Review Leading Health Indicators on the HealthyPeople Web site listed above. ¢Select one of the health indicators and respond to the following: (Maternal, Infant, and Child Health) — How prevalent is this issue in your community or workplace? — What community health promotion strategies are in place to assist with this issue? — What pharmacological agents are typically used to treat the issue? Is there a particular procedure performed in conjunction with the drugs? — How do you educate the group of patients? — What cultural factors or barriers contribute to the group's health disparity? — Are the outcomes being measured? If so, how? If not, how might they be measured? ¢Support your observations and strategies with information found in this week's reading assignment and the scholarly literature Minimum of 150 words. Needs at least 1 APA formatted reference throughout the assignment and one as a reference
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