Ethics And Entertainment Paper
Investigate and describe the artistic, commercial, and ethical considerations that inform censorship debates about potentially harmful entertainment media content. You must apply your understanding of the ethical principles and concepts discussed in this course to explain if and why certain types of media content should be censored and, if so, by whom. Write a 1,400 to 1,500 word paper that addresses the following: Explain what typical arguments entertainers and their supporters use to justify the use of questionable content. Indicate the ethical principles that are compromised. Evaluate the moral, artistic, and commercial underpinnings of those arguments. Explain what types of content should be censored. List the criteria that would, from your ethical perspective, be appropriate for limiting access to content. Explain why these criteria are ethically appropriate. Explain who should be responsible for censoring content, and why. Cite at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed references.
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