Essay 3 Pages. Instructions You will be asked to respond to a broad-based question about public administration. You will be asked to demonstrate critical thinking about a controversial issue in public administration and take a position on which course of action would be the best approach for public administrators. Mid-Term Essay Question: Classical Organizational Theory deals with the œsystematic processes necessary to make bureaucracy more efficient and effective. Nam three scholars that are credited with the development of classical organizational thought that most correctly fit into this definition of Classical Organizational Theory. 1. What are the basic arguments articulated by each in their contributions to the development of Classical Organizational Theory? Final Essay Question: 2. How is public administration different from private management? 3. What are the implications of these differences for the public administrator in the areas of a) decision making; b) human resource management; and (c) Classical Organizational Theory Items to include are outlined as follows: . Abstract, . Introduction . background on the issue . Detailed presentation of the importance of the issue, . Discussion of possible solutions, . and a Recommendation for the Solution. · Two tables and/or figures to help convey key points. · Length of assignment: 3- pages, excluding tables, figures, title page, and reference page. · Format of assignment: APA · Number of citations: 5 Acceptable sources include scholarly articles published within the last five years.
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