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When the nation was in desperate need of a massive COVID-19 bailout bill in late 2020 it took months to finally hammer out an agreement. In the meantime, many American small businesses closed, people were evicted from their homes or were forced to use the last of their retirement money just to avoid going bankrupt. Many blamed not just partisan politics but the slow, winding committee process that Congress last did a major overhaul in the early 1970's. These critics complain the legislative process today is simply out of touch with modern day 21st century America and should be stripped down to respond more efficiently to crises like COVID-19. Defenders of the system say such a drastic move would produce poor legislation, an avalanche of conflicting, confusing and unnecessary laws and make our statutory code a mile thick. Which do you think is better: leave well enough alone or tear it down to the studs and make it quick and easy to pass laws? Be sure to use examples to support your key points.
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