Direct i ons: Write out the meaning f or each combining form, prefix, an
Direct i ons: Write out the meaning f or each combining form, prefix, and suffix. Then locate a new term f rom the chapter that uses the word part. Combining Forms Meaning Chapter Term Meaning 1. alveol/o 2. bronch/o 3. bronchi/o 4. bronchiol /o 5. coni /o 6. chol ecyst/o 7. chol edoch/o 8. col /o 9. col on/o 10. divert i cul/o PART 2 Word Parts Assi gnment (Part 2): Direct i ons: Bel ow are ter ms built f rom word parts. Analyze each ter m by li sti ng and defini ng the word parts used to buil d it . Medi cal Ter m Word Part/Meani ngs 1. Bronchoscope 2. Atelectasis 3. Pneumoconiosis 4. Pyothorax 5. Endotracheal 6. Appendicitis 7. Cholelithiasis 8. Cholangiogram 9. Cholecystectomy 10. Choledocholithotripsy PART 3 1. ABGs 2. ARF 3. AP view 4. ARD 5. ARDS 6. N & V 7. & P 8. PUD 9. TPN 10. UGI PART 4 Case Study Assignment (Part 4) Direct i ons: Bel ow i s a case study presentati on of a patient w i th a condi t ion covered i n Chapter 10. Read the case study, and answer the questions bel ow. Some questions wi ll ask for i nf or mat ion not incl uded wi thi n thi s chapter. Use your textbook, a medical di ct ionary, or any other ref erence mater ial you choose to answer these questi ons. Be sure to ci te any outside sources, incl uding the textbook, i n APA for mat. An 88-year-ol d femal e was seen i n the physi cian's office compl aini ng of SOB, dizziness, orthopnea, el e v ated temperature, and a product i v e cough. Lung auscul tation re veal ed ral es ov er the R bronchus. CXR rev eal ed flui d i n the RUL. The pat ient was sent to the hospi tal w i th an admitt i ng diagnosi s of pneumoni a. Vital signs upon admi ssi on were: temperat ure 102°F, pul se 100 and rapi d, respi rat i ons 24 and l abored, bl ood pressure 180/110. She was treated wi th IV ant i bi ot ics and IPPB. She responded well to treat ment and was rel eased home to her famil y w i th oral ant ibi otics on the thi rd day. Cri t i cal Thi nking Questi ons Answer the questi ons below regarding thi s case study. Do not just copy words out of the case study; transl ate all medical ter ms. To answer some of these questi ons, you may need to look up inf or mati on f rom another chapter of thi s textbook. 1. What i s thi s pati ent's admitt i ng diagnos i s? Look thi s condi t i on up i n a reference source, and i ncl ude a short descri ption of i t . 2. Li st and def ine each of the pat i ent's presenting symptoms i n your own words. 3. Defi ne auscul tat i on and CXR. Descri be what each rev eal ed i n your own words. 4. What does the ter m œ vital si gns mean? Describe the pati ent's vital signs i n your own words. 5. Descri be the treat ments she receiv ed whil e i n the hospital i n your own words. 6. Expl ai n the change i n her medi cat i on when she was di scharged home.
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