Liberalism, Neoliberalism/ Institutionalism, and the Interdependent/Pluralist World Notes on Readings for Review #2: The focus of this section is on Liberalism and its various theories and perspectives in IR, including Neoliberal Institutionalism, Complex Interdependence, and Liberal Peace Theory among others. In addition to chapters from Viotti and Kauppi's book, you have several articles on Canvas by leading liberal theorists such as, Koehane, Nye, Rosenau, Ikenberry, Doyle, and others, as well as several video/lectures on liberal themes and topics, including a Liberal perspective on the rise of China. (Those videos in this section that are designated as œRequired must be included in the Review.) ALL REQUIRED READINGS ARE ATTACHED. Required Videos: Andrew Moravscik, œLiberal Theory Lecture International Relations 2014 (10 minutes) (Links to an external site.) John Ikenberry-The Rise of China and the East Asian Regional Order (Links to an external site.) REQUIRED VIDEOS:
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