Need to do a review of 4-6 pages of the material covered, videos, book, and assigned readings. There will be 5 REVIEWS IN TOTAL FOR THIS CLASS, and I would like to work with you for the FIVE of them. One every week $65, in total for the 5 assignments weekly will be $325. This class also has a FINAL EXAM, that we can discuss later ( I WILL PAY MORE THAN $100, I STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT IS IT BUT I HAVE THE MONEY FOR IT). You will see the BOOK ATTACHED. LINKS FOR THE VIDEOS: Steve Smith on bringing International Relations theory to life (2014) (Links to an external site.) Gerard van der Ree, œRealism-Lecture (2014) (Links to an external site.) Richard Betts, œRealism-Lecture-(Columbia University)-March 2007 (54 minutes) (Links to an external site.) John Mearsheimer- Lecture: œStructural Realism- (The Open University) 2014 - (10 minutes) John Mearsheimer: œAn Offensive Realist's View of China and Crimean Crisis-2014 (Watch from minute 11 to minute 50) (Links to an external site.) Randall Schweller: Theory in Action: Realism-2011 (Links to an external site.) The video section includes comments by Steven Smith explaining the role of IR theory in general, two lectures by Richard Betts and Mearsheimer on the Realist school, and conversations with leading neorealists, Waltz and Mearsheimer, as well as a lecture on the rise of China from a neorealist perspective (Those videos in this section that are designated as œRequired must be included in the Review).
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