Country Economic & Geopolitical Analysis
Write well-researched paper based on guidelines sources listed on Country Analysis Handout. Follow directions of assignment, including sources needed. Use Professor Davisson's Country Reports. Make sure you chose a country that is substantial to write a report (Not Monaco, North Korea, USA, Vatican City, so on). Points (200) will be based on analysis, research, & clarity of written report. Country Analysis & Presentation: This assignment is an analysis detailing economic and geopolitical concerns for your country (minimum 6 written pages and additional Works Cited page). Consider this assignment a ˜macro' approach to how your country functions in our ˜Globalized World'. PSC 102 - Relating to Art/Jervis Political Economy & textbook. ****Sources: Minimum 7 'high level' sources, minimum 3 ˜UT peer reviewed academic articles' (example Business Search Premier). Possible additional sources after 3: Center for Strategic & International Studies, Council on Foreign Relations, World Bank, CIA World Factbook, Freedom House, United Nations. Country Reports will be helpful also. Remember, plagiarism will earn you a failing grade. Works Cited needs minimum 7 high level sources (see handout for more information). Use intext citations. Paper is due Monday, April 19th at 11:59pm to BlackBoard Turnitin. Your paper will be submitted to Turnitin via BlackBoard & will be run through the Turnitin Software program. Late papers will be dropped 10% each day the paper is late.****
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