Answer Both Of These Prompts.
Answer both of these prompts. You MUST use the TEXTBOOK and an OUTSIDE SOURCE in your original posts I HAVE ATTACHED THE TEXTBOOK. YOU CAN REFER TO CHAPTERS 9-12 PLEASE USE A SECOND SOURCE AS WELL AS THE TEXTBOOK!! APA writing includes in-text citations and references Each post MUST have 150 word minimum. Prompt 1: How representative is Congress? Most legislators are white, upper-middle-class males, although this group is a very small part of our entire population. What impact does this skewed representation have in terms of liberty, equality, and democracy? Can these people really represent women, minorities, and poor citizens? Realistically, could an indigent person ever get elected to Congress? Prompt 2: Are the responsibilities of the most powerful leader in the world, the American president, too large a job for one person? Why has the American presidency as an institution grown so large? Are there any powers you think should be taken away from the president?
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