Agenda Setting Discussion Response 2
Half page response is ok for this discussion with one scholarly APA reference... As stated in Cobb (2020) œdespite the best efforts of agenda setters throughout politics, the contingent nature of crises and focusing effects are also important in helping legislators and citizens decide what is important or not. œ(p.260). The task of being the agenda setter in our government is difficult. Choosing which issues that are important and the impact it will have on people as well as the world. The President I viewed as an important agenda setter in our government. We observed President George W. Bushes political agenda setting on global terrorism after 9/11. According to Rubin (2020 œGeorge W. Bush made a slew of speeches in the wake of the attacks in which he pressed a broad agenda due to a purported worldwide conspiracy of terrorists. In lieu of the attacks and the fear the American people lived in related to these terrorist attacks Present Bush implemented the Department of Homeland Security and the passage of the USA Patriot Act. Bush's agenda was successful in that he met little resistance from Congress in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. As stated by Rubin (2020) œThe USA Patriot Act was passes and repassed, giving the President new tools from combatting terrorism. Reference Cobb, W.N. W. (2020). Political Science Today [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from Rubin, Gabriel. (2020). George W. Bush, Policy Selling and Agenda-Setting after 9/11: Presidential Rhetoric on Terrorism under Bush, Obama, and Trump. Palgrave Pivot, Cham.
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