Agenda Setting Discussion Response
Half page response to this post with one APA scholarly source... One way that candidates set the agenda during elections is to focus on a population group. I will use Bernie Sanders as an example, who would think that the oldest candidate would be supported by the youngest voting group, the millennials. According to The Graduate School of Political Management (2020) the three best strategies to appeal to millennials are: Tap into the œBernie effect, get into the mindset of the millennial. According to a Harvard poll spring 2016, Sanders was the only candidate to have a net positive rating with 18 to 29-year-olds. Reach them over social media, again another preferred method of the millennial generation, a 2015 College Explorer study found that 35 percent of respondents said social media was the top way to reach and influence their demographic. Promote part ideals that appeal to millennials, despite ideals millennials tend to vote, and vote in large numbers when their ideals are appealed to. Just a Bernie appealed to the millennials other candidates appeal to their supporters if he would have been elected as President his values that were supported in his campaign agenda would have been the agenda of the government. Just as former President Trump appealed to supporters and moved forward with his agenda so will President Biden with his.
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